Asteroid Jumper is now available in the App Store. Click to download for iPad or iPhone.

Asteroid Jumper, is a game for iOS platforms that allows the player to control the movement of an Apollo Lander to try and jump from asteroid to asteroid. Every time the player skips successfully, another point is added to the score.

2013-01-21 23.18.38

The game uses the gyroscope to detect the players view in the 3D world. When the player turns their body with the device in their hand, the view in the 3D world changes as well. The game also uses the accelerometer to detect the amount of tilt which applies a force to the lander; this allows the player to make the Lander jump forward, left or to the right. To allow the Lander to jump when the player is ready, they simply touch any part of the screen and the Lander is released.

2013-01-21 23.19.59

The game has a 3D star skybox, textured 3D models for the moon, asteroids and the Apollo Lander, all of which were created using Blender and than exported as an OBJ and than converted to an Objective-C header file.

The game also supports Apples GameCenter which allows players to submit their highest scores to the Leaderboard and compete with players around the world.

The game features the Bullet 3D Physics Engine for detecting collisions between the Apollo Lander and the asteroids.

The game utilizes C, C++, and Objective-C. It uses OpenGL ES 1.1, Bullet Physics Engine version 2.8 and supports iOS version 6.0+ and supports any device that has a gyroscope.

Future versions of this game could include:

  • Different 3D models of asteroids, landers, and different planets
  • Achievements could be added to Apples Game Center
  • Multiple world levels
  • Particles emitted from the lander once jumped

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